Show Notes

The team will meet at HNB around 9. Order appetizers. Chuck will be off-camera (we pretend he's not there yet) and video members of the team casually introducing themselves over beers.

Between 9-11, Chuck and Tina will walk around and capture some B-roll footage of the bar and various rooms while the lighting is still up.

Somewhere around 10, someone will chat with Steve regarding his electronic tools and what they're supposed to do.

Investigation kicks off around 11. Chuck pulls up at the last second dressed weird, and does his sharing energy thing as everyone watches. People shake their heads like "this guy is weird." Chuck insists we all hold hands and pray, and Jake initiates a prayer.

We begin in back rooms so the crew can do their clean-up. Chuck camera 1, Tina camera 2, 2 cameras on tripods.

We sit at a table at about midnight, and Steve does his Elizabeth talking with the vaginalator thing.

We meet a day or two later with Steve and Josh to discuss findings on camera.

Chuck edits final footage.


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