The 2020 Music Competition: Year two!

Last year, the Indie Originals Music Competition helped more than 30 indie bands become AWARD-WINNING bands! Doors are opening for these bands because of their talent, and because they have been recognized as award-winning musicians. YOUR project can be added to the growing list of award-winners in the 2020 Indie Originals Music Competition!

This is not a typical music competition judged by angry industry burnouts. The judges are excited to hear what you’ve created! They are open-minded, engaged, optimistic, and willing to find a jewel in every rock. Indie Originals is the only competition that offers a line or two of constructive feedback, but only if you want it. AND - this is the sole competition with a global podcast. Many of last year’s entries were featured on the IOL show. Yours might be next!

Check out the 2019 winners!

Some of last year’s winners were invited to perform at IndieCon, the Indie creators’ convention and awards ceremony. One of the category winners was selected for free studio time at Trebla Studios, and another was awarded an opportunity to open for a popular act at a large venue in Philadelphia. This year’s prizes will be even cooler, including a prize package worth more than $2,500 for Song of the Year!

Press? Contact info at indieoriginals dot com. Official IndieCon 2019 press release here:

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