Fear Actually, written by Kyle Sullivan and directed by Sassy Mohen, is a great short spoof film about Pennywise, a demonic clown that was encountered in the super popular film, IT. Pseudo Pennywise is brilliantly portrayed by Robert Walters.

The film opens with Pennywise talking to other monsters in a horror film support group meeting along with the devil. He talks about how his girl, Effie (played by Tory Taranova) is no longer scared of him.

There is even a scene in the short film where the Devil himself appears before a couple out for an evening stroll, but they show they’re actually more frightened by real people and events playing out around us in the real world.

The direction, production, editing, and soundtrack are eerily on-point. Pennywise’s makeup was disturbingly excellent. And Walters kills it, figuratively. You can feel his deep sorrow through the screen, but you can’t help but chuckle at the underlying satire. Effie brings us home with an explosive yet heart-warming surprise ending.

Ultimately, Fear Actually is an impressive short that shows the Sullivan/Mohen team is a force to be reckoned with. It’s an intriguing and ethically charged storyline with brilliant acting and directing. This crew is destined for Hollywood! Can’t wait to see their next production.

Four point five stars out of five.



We're filmmakers too. After eighteen long months, a few thousand bucks, and countless setbacks, we managed to complete and release our first feature film called "Bocas." 

And that's where our confusion began. We put all this effort in finishing this amazing film, and we were like, "Great. So how do we get people to see it?" We weren't sure what the next step was, so we consulted "Experts." They told us things like, "Hire a publicist!" "Pay for views!" "Buy Facebook advertisements!" It seemed everyone had their hands out, yet no one seemed interested in genuinely reviewing our film.


If you're a micro-budget filmmaker, you probably feel our pain.


So Jake and Chuck did what they do - they create solutions for indie creator problems. Welcome to Indie Originals Film Reviews.


As micro-budget indie filmmakers, we understand you can't always realize your full potential on a shoestring budget. So we look beyond campy productions, poor special effects, and non-perfect lighting. We totally get that you might not have the budget for a degreed DP or a boom operator.  We're more interested in the strength of your story, and your passion to tell it. That's what uncovers true potential. And that's what we believe will get you to the next level - promoting your film with all the elements you need to build your name and credibility.


It all begins with a fair and unbiased review.


There are a ton of "indie" review sites online, but the "indie" term has been hacked badly over the past decade or two. Today's indie film is more likely to have a $7 million dollar budget and stars like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston. We're more concerned with REAL indie films, so the first thing you'll see when you apply for one of our reviews is the budget question. If your total film budget is even one dollar over $49k, we'll refuse to review your film. If your film is distributed by any subsidiary of the major studios, we'll refuse to review your film. Yes, this service is limited to films that are truly indie, and indie only.   

We're inviting both feature and short length adventure, horror, crime, scifi, romantic, narrative and documentary films. We especially welcome newcomers and students, and fully take this into consideration during our review. As we do in our annual film competition, we'll recognize directing, editing, acting, cinematography, script, and soundtrack.

Most importantly, we won't tolerate old-school frustrated burnouts like many of the other film review sites. We only select open-minded, optimistic, positive people to review films. These are the people who would actually watch your movies. We'll link to your trailer if you have one, and also list your purchase or sharing links on our website. 

It’s fair. It’s as objective as humanly possible. Since we're a non-profit, review fees are reasonable, and funds go right back into helping artists develop their craft.

Let us take a look at your film, and offer a constructive criticism, and offer praise. Filmmaking is a difficult pastime that's definitely the most challenging of all indie arts. Knowing what we know, we're proud you made it this far. Apply to have your film reviewed today. Prices start at $39. We're still working on a review-trade system, so stay tuned for that too. 


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