Jake Estrada has been drawing and publishing comics for over 20 years. He understands the creative process and the struggle to distribute amazing comics. Jake just directed and starred in his first feature film called Bocas, based on one of his legendary characters. Terance Baker is also a comic book author,  photographer, and creator of the Independent Creators Convention. His work has been featured nationally. Nino Mesarina has worked as an illustrator for many publications including the Chicago Tribune. Together, we’re super excited this triad of genius comic creators has agreed to host and sponsor our first ever Indie Originals Comic Book Competition.


Send us your best work, and we’ll read it cover to cover. And, as with all the Indie Originals talent categories, we’ll offer a few sentences of praise and constructive criticism to help you on your journey towards fame and fortune.

Press? Contact info at indieoriginals dot com. Official IndieCon 2019 press release here:

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