Board/Card/Dice Game Competition

New category for the Indie Originals 2020 Competition!

All entries must be received no later than
June 15, 2020. Enter today! 

Have you created the next Uno? Pokemon? Exploding Kittens? Monopoly? Look, everything has a beginning. That prototype sitting in your workshop with the tarot-looking cards and polyhedral dice could be the next Dungeons and Dragons, and you can bet our judges would love to have a look. 


We’re looking for indie role-playing games, educational games, board games, deduction games, dexterity games, memory games, party games -- anything -- in countless genres including fantasy, sci-fi, sports, trivia, war, whatever! It must be your own intellectual property. We will require a production or prototype copy of your game, a video no longer than 3-minutes showing your game being played, along with a short written description, just so we’re sure we’re playing it as you intended. 


Our grand prize winner will walk away with over $2,500 in cash and prizes including a video featuring our radio show hosts and/or staff playing your game and shared with thousands of people on social media. Selected entries will also be showcased in our promotional videos. Our tentacles reach a lot of people, and that’ll be awesome publicity for you and your game. 

We've even got a really cool category called REMIX - if you've completely created your own way to play a commercial game, we want to see it! There might be a REMIX award in your future! Check out "Full-disclosure UNO." 


Low submission fees, and a huge amount of categories virtually guarantee your game will pick up some well-deserved, award-winning laurels you can display on your packaging and in your marketing. Enter soon and take advantage of early entry fees! We can’t wait to play your game!


  • Best Roll and Move Game (Sorry)

  • Best Roll and Chance Game (Monopoly, Life)

  • Best Cooperative Board Game (Pandemic)

  • Best Deduction Game (Clue)

  • Best Dexterity Game (Jenga)

  • Best Memory Game (Simon)

  • Best Party Game (Balderdash. Pictionary)

  • Best Role Playing Game (RPG) (D&D)

  • Best Sports Game 

  • Best Tile Placement Game (Scrabble)

  • Best Trading Card Game (TCG) (Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh)

  • Best Trivia Game (Trivial Pursuit) 

  • Best Deck Building Game (Magic, Dominion)

  • Best Educational Game (BrainQuest)

  • Best Miniature (Warhammer) 

  • Best World Models

  • Best War Game (Battleship)

  • Best Tabletop Game

  • Best Remix Game

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