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About Us

Something has been missing for the vast majority of aspiring authors who struggle to obtain an agent or publishing deal.  Professional hockey and baseball recognized decades ago that major league talent didn’t ‘just happen’.  Yes, raw natural talent did exist, but honing this talent took practice and real-world game experience.  So they created a farm-team system.  Then they used that system to provide the forum for this raw talent to improve, and one day demonstrate that they could compete at the major league level.  Today that farm-system is the primary incubator of major league talent and the venue where major league scouts evaluate future talent and watch how the fans react to individual players. 


The literary world has been devoid of such an incubator, until now.  Our site is designed to fill that gap and has four main objectives:


1)      To help the author move into the publishing mainstream by:

  • Providing a low-cost, efficient tool for them to make their work available for sale.
  • Providing a business management tool to track their sales, and maintain sales statistics which they can share 'on-line' with publishing professionals. 
  • A site the enables agents/publishers to review not only story teasers and free chapters, but actual sales statistics and then the agent can initiate contact with those authors that catch their eye. 
  • Allowing authors to exit their contract with us at anytime, without restrictions or penalties of any kind.


2)      To help authors improve their skills by:

  • Providing a venue for the emerging author to connect directly with the reading public. 
  • Enabling confidential e-mail exchanges between the author and the buyer regarding the novel.  It is the 'unfiltered/unbiased' views of the reader that should be paramount to the author. 
  • Providing not only a ratings score, but also the ability of the author to share selected comments from buyers about the novel with other potential buyers.


3)      To help authors develop a fan-base outside of the mainstream market that will keep them writing and distributing new releases to their fans.  Many athletes spend their entire career in the farm system - - and still love what they do.


4)      To provide opting member-authors with an opportunity to share in the Net Profit/Value Creation  of the company (refer section 10 of the Services Agreement).