Booze and Jews Spies and Lies
Genre: Other
Price (USD): $7
Author Name:Adam N. Daniel
ISBN: 978-1-926921-16-7
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  "When the CIA and the Mossad are stumped they call on super spy Jack Steckman." That`s the teasing promo on the back of Milton Goldfarb`s novels. Goldfarb rode the crest of what he figured was the good life. Then he turned fifty. Divorced, penniless and drunk most of the time, he thought his life was hell. Then he arrived in Israel to write his next spy novel. Soon afterward he is arrested, charged with being the mastermind behind the assassination of the Israeli prime minister. That`s when the flames of hell really get hot. "Booze and Jews, Spies and Lies" was born on the heels of the assassination of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. In the interest of full disclosure, there are murders in the novel. That should be expected in a book with the word "Spies" in the title, but there is also the fortuitous bonus of alcohol, drugs and beautiful women. And of course, there are spies and dirty doings. s


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