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Author Name: Al Birtch
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Married, with two grown daughters, 2 grandsons’ (Braedan and Griffin) and the first granddaughter on the way, Al has spent the past 32 years working in the complex world of corporate mergers and acquisitions. He has helped steer major internal restructuring and managed leading edge automation/process re-engineering projects at major corporations throughout North America. This work has given Al access to the executive suites and boardrooms at some of North America’s top corporations, providing him with a first-hand perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges facing senior leaders as they try to strike a balance between making decisions that are for the good of the corporation and community at large, versus those that are self-serving – decisions that are both consciously and subconsciously influenced by that ever-present drive for more money, more recognition, more power. One has only to read the paper or listen to the nightly business news to know that that internal war of good versus greed does not always win out in the public or the shareholders favor. A natural observer of human nature, Al draws upon this experience of the flaws and strengths of the human character – combined with a strong understanding of the present day world that affects us all – to create fiction that is realistic, challenging, often frightening, with a strong message of social conscience threaded throughout….and always applicable to where the world finds itself today.

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Lou Aronica: Owner of Fiction Studio. Former Deputy Publisher of Bantam and former Publisher of Berkley Books and Avon Books. “ ------a crisply written thriller with a harrowing and distinctive hook. Al Birtch did a powerful job creating sympathetic characters and throwing them into the maelstrom. I think there’s a strong market for this novel among readers of Michael Crichton, Dean Koontz, Douglas Preston, and James Rollins.”
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9/9/2012 7:17:02 AM
Owner of Fiction Studio
Ben Famiglietti, VP, Production, The Weinstein Company . "--- a taught thriller with appeal in both the book and screen formats. The resolution is evocative and highly cinematic.
By: A web user Time:
9/9/2012 7:16:29 AM
VP, Production, The Weinstein Company
Keith Ferrell: Former editor-in-chief of Omni magazine “ Al Birtch combines a deep understanding of international business and politics with well-drawn characters and a sharp, sure sense of human evil. The conspiracy at the heart of the novel is all too plausible, its consequences believable, terrifying, heartbreaking. LEGACY OF GREED scared the hell out of me.”
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9/9/2012 7:15:45 AM
Former editor-in-chief of Omni magazine
Jennifer Bessor, Vice-President, Publisher, Young Readers Division, Penguin Putnam Books. "You have real gifts as a writer—a wonderfully rich imagination, a natural sense of pacing, and an obvious ear for dialogue. There is a vigor and energy to your writing, and you possess a remarkable aptitude for unfolding the narrative at just the right pace, revealing enough information to keep the reader interested without dampening the suspense.”
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9/9/2012 7:14:57 AM
Vice-President, Publisher, Young Readers Division,
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